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Frankie Flowers


was born in Holland but he is 100% Italian. He started his studies at the American school and moved with his family to Milan at the age of eight. He started playing drums at the age of 7 and continued practicing piano till the age of 13 when he bought turntables. Music became a reason to live and he found something interesting into every kind of genre. At the age of 20 he became one of the most popular DJs in the area of Milan. He was playing at Underground parties and was also hanging out with underground rappers. He got cought in the Hip Hop scene and ended up working with the most popular italian Hip Hop crew named Articolo 31. He produced with them one of their best sellers album "L'Italiano Medio" and several remixes.

Frankie worked in the past as radio speaker, DJ and producer in the top italian Radio Networks, such as Radio Stationone, Radio 105 and Radio RDS. He is a SAE graduated sound engineer (currently in the Hall of Fame for producing Gold and Platinum winner artist Articolo 31), a singer, a melodycist and a music producer. He has been producing music since 1995 and his records has been in the italian and worldwide charts. The track "Johnny be Cool", that includes the famous sample from MECO (Star Wars and Star Trek sound track producer), was licensed and released all over the world.

His first Rock album came out in 2006 that included 2 singles and videos. He did many remixes such as Chantal “The Realm” and Run DMC “My Funny Valentine”, “DJ Ice – Ga El SUV”, Nikki and Rich “City Lights” and Inner City “Good Life” Trapped in Detroit Remix. He produced an Art Project with Robert Gligorov featuring STING who wrote the song “Mammuth” and a experimental Electronic/Swing/Hip Hop project called "The Big Shots". The E.P. included the song "You" featuring The FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS. The single released from the E.P. was “Party Start-Party Stop” starring famous NBA basketball player Danilo Gallinari in the videoclip. The song has been broadcasted during the NBA games and on the most watched Italian music television called Deejay TV. He hosted “OPEN MIC” live broadcast show on HIP HOP TV (Channel 720 on Sky).

In 2012 Frankie moved to NYC where he DJs in the hottest spots in the city and around the US. In his day time he keeps it busy producing music. His latest release is Questionmars "Criminal Mind". He collaborates with creative companies like Ammirati and composes sountracks for big brands such as VIBRAM.


Frankie’s music style is a cool Mash up between House, Electronic, Hip Hop, Trap, Rock and 70's 80's and 90's classics and in the late night he loves to get into groovy Tech and Deep house vibes...

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